We at Disatyr are continuously in search of new and better ways to offer our clients real solutions that will meet their unique needs. We offer a broad spectrum of quality product lines and services to support our project proposals.

Our main product lines provide solutions for the food processing industry and for the agricultural livestock production industry. The variety and quality of its products, paired with the technical support that we receive from our suppliers allows us to structure well-rounded business solutions to our clients- from animal health products and silo projects to food processing machinery and automation of poultry and egg production. Additionally, we have complemented our processing product lines with a variety of plastic containers that helps satisfy our customers’ demand for better storage, hygiene, transportation and food safety.

Our clients’ changing needs drive us to constantly incorporate new and innovative products that modernize their operations and consequently improve overall productivity.

It is our main goal that our customer’s experience gives them the utmost satisfaction and in turn, facilitates their overall operations. This is why we work relentlessly to offer the highest quality of project consulting as well as provide post-sales technical support in combination with our products and services.

From the primary stages of live production to the advanced transformation of raw materials into industrialized food products, our product lines serve those who make of food production an instrument to bring well-being to the people of our region.

Products we offer:

Our product lines and services can be divided up into four categories:

1. Animal Health

2. Feed Additives

3. Production Equipment

4. Processing Equipment




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