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Company History

Stemming from the vision and commitment to service of its founder Jose Bismark Tapia, and inspired by the memory of his father, Bismark Tapia, Disatyr was created in 1985, in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The complete support and trust from our first suppliers, such as Cenavisa Laboratories, Wallace International, Novatec Pagani, among others played a critical role in the initial growth and development of our company.

As we acquired a better understanding about the industry’s needs, we added more suppliers to offer a wider range of quality product lines to our customers. We also had to increase our work force to better serve the growing market and clientele.

The first notable expansion happened merely three years after our establishment, in 1988. We opened our offices in Tegucigalpa, with the aim of providing better service to clients located in the central-south region of the country.

Since then, we constantly strived to offer our products and tailored-style services to the highest amount of clients. With this philosophy, as well as the regionalization of the economies in the area, we felt the urgent need to export our vision to neighboring countries. In 1990, Disatyr Managua was born, shortly followed by Disatyr San Salvador in 1991 and Disatyr Guatemala in 1997. It was until 2009 with the opening of our offices Disatyr Costa Rica, which additionally manages all sales for Panamá, that we established our presence across the entire Central American isthmus.

We at Disatyr firmly believe in the future of the Food Sector in Central America. This is why we invest our efforts and resources to develop new and innovative solutions for the several needs of the Agro industrial sector. From the primary stages of live production to the advanced transformation of raw materials into industrialized food products, our product lines and services assist those who make of food production an instrument to bring well-being to the people of our region.




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